After transitioning from years in the IT industry, where I served as an advisor to executive management, I am now realizing a dream, managing my own business. In my past, I assessed projects for risks and ability to deliver the proposed services on-time, within the cost and price. I am applying those skills to home owners and commercial building owners, solving energy cost, fortification, and water/air quality issues. In addition to the vast franchise knowledge bank, I have the following certifications.

Energy and Building Science Certifications:

BPI Building Analyst Professional & Envelope Professional, IECC Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner, RESNET Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) Rater, Energy Efficient Mortgage HERS Rater Partner, Energy Star Home Energy Rater

My Goal: Save you money, Guaranteed

Personal Mission Statement

As a DwellGreen trusted advisor, I provide each client with a personalized plan to achieve total home efficiency, fortification and wellness. Leveraging local networks of leading service providers and solutions, DwellGreen empowers our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to save money and improve their quality of life.

Our Process

The DwellGreen Process consists of five significant steps - Consult, Evaluate, Plan, Monitor and Follow Up. Through our exclusive process, state-of-the-art technology and certified experts, DwellGreen can help you significantly lower your utility and insurance bills and improve your quality of life.

Consult Our free in-home consultation is a quick 30 minute process that starts with a brief discussion with you about the issues and concerns you have regarding your home. One of our Trusted Advisors will then conduct a walkthrough of your home to see first-hand how the home is being used. For instance, we will check your appliances, heat & air, livings spaces, lighting, water, windows, attic space, etc. Next, your Advisor will provide general suggestions and determine next steps.

Evaluate The home performance evaluation step begins by identifying your goals, objectives and problems. Then utilizing state-of-the art equipment, your Advisor will collect data by conducting a systematic review of your home - top to bottom, inside and out. Based on findings from the comprehensive evaluation, your Advisor will provide you with sequenced recommendations based on your personal goals and in order of priority.

Plan At the end of your Evaluation, your Trusted Advisor will walk you through the initial log-in process onto DwellGreen's exclusive GreenPort™, a proprietary on-line resource where you can manage your findings, recommendations and projects. GreenPort™ is your educational tool to use throughout the improvement process. Once logged in to GreenPort™, you will be able to link directly from your Advisor's recommendations and connect to our network of local, qualified service providers who are insured, bonded, and DwellGreen approved. You can then request project estimates to start improving your home and manage your projects with ease, consistency, and peace of mind.

Monitor You also have the option to install an eMonitor™, a revolutionary device to monitor the real-time energy use at the circuit level. The eMonitor™ displays the energy use of individual appliances, devices, or rooms and you can even view the performance of your home online, or even from your smart phone or iPad! With the eMonitor™ device, you will be able to track your savings in real-time and know exactly when you have achieved a return on your improvement investments. By knowing how energy is used, you can identify opportunities for improvements and change habits. The eMonitor™ is available in sizes which can measure from 12 to 48 individual circuits and multiple eMonitors can be combined to measure additional sub-panels.

Follow up
Your DwellGreen Trusted Advisor will help you every step of the way from project follow up to scheduling of services to making new recommendations. On your first anniversary with DwellGreen, your Trusted Advisor will even conduct an evaluation and plan review.